A poor advertisement to the right audience will outpull a great advertisement to the wrong audience. But how will you know which is which?

Simple Business

Years ago business was a lot simpler, you advertised and people answered. The mantra was “Build a better mousetrap and they will beat a path to your door”. The proviso was you had to let them know where they could get a better mousetrap. So you created an advertising budget, hired an advertising and PR company and hoped they knew what they were doing. You didn't have much idea what was working or which ad pulled the best. Sometimes you were lucky and you knew your hard earned dollars were actually multiplying themselves because of the advertising campaign.

More often than not it was swing and hope. It was difficult and expensive to test all the ideas that you discussed with the marketing people and it was even more difficult to get the staff to actually record where the inquiries came from. The Monday morning sales meeting was a bit of a joke when it came to discussing inquiry source. You knew that the figures presented were more of a guess than reality. About the only guys who knew what their advertising campaigns were generating were the direct mail guys. But many business owners couldn't see the value of direct mail and dismissed it from their advertising budget or looked down their nose at it.

Easier and Better

All that has changed. It has been changing for over a decade now so that all business owners, with a little bit of effort, can know positively where their leads come from, what their conversion rate is from lead to prospect, their average sale per prospects. With the use of a spreadsheet the lifetime value of a client can be worked out and all the other metrics you could want.

The best thing is you won't need an advertising guru or agency and your statistics will be recorded automatically.

AND it won't cost you an arm and a leg. It will require some effort though. But lets face it, no-one should know more about your business than you do and by investing some time figuring out how to work these numbers you will be much more “savvy” when hiring the person to do this job.

My eyes were opened to the possibilities of marketing and tracking, doing it on the net and doing it myself from a course. I had decided that it was time to knuckle down and learn something of benefit that could develop into an income producing hobby and have some fun at the same time. After rejecting Internet Marketing for many years it was time to develop an interest in it.

InfoMaster: The Most Profitable Way to Create, Package and Sell Information Products Online for Big Profits

This is brilliant information and will introduce you to the possibilites of Online Marketing and testing. It is so good that it may wet your appetite for further discovery of how, you too, could take advantage of the Internet Marketing tsunami. Because without a doubt, the people who get involved will become the leading marketers of tomorrow.

There are five videos in the series that give you every detail of a system, A to Z of what makes it work, what to watch out for and how to generate the maximum return from each and every product.

These methods are based on over 15 years of real-world experience in the information products business. It is inside information, from the trenches. It has been tried and tested. Learn from the experience of others and profit. Now, doesn't that make sense?

Priced at $47.00 Infomaster is the key to developing Information Products that add a new avenue of income to your business.
Or, it could be the impetus you need to investigate this new world of Internet Marketing. Start thinking that times are not tough. Invest a small sum to learn new ways of earning that will surprise and impress you.


Purchasers of the InfoMaster System will receive updates with the Test of 10 Headlines.

You will also receive

The bonus will be a work in progress and the basis for a Product that will be for sale in the future. It is the implementation of the information in InfoMaster.

The InfoMaster report will open your eyes to the brilliant possibilities available, that could add thousands of dollars a month to your bottom line.