If not now…. When?

Ever had the idea or dream of being a farmer and owning your own farm? I did when I was a kid and it took me fifty years and a radical change in my life to finally do something about it. And it was and still is probably the best experience of my life.

Times have changed since it was affordable to be able to do something like give up your day job and experiment with being a farmer, finding out what it is all about and pursuing your goal. Land has become a commodity and the price has gone through the roof. It is very difficult to enter into farming with no experience, no land and little knowledge.

Fortunately there is someone doing something about that.

I have been fortunate to stumble across a man named Shane Joyce and become a little bit involved in what he is trying to achieve. And that is to transfer his 148 hectares in Kilkivan into a Community Farm, where young farmers and want to be farmers can utilise the land to create a farming enterprise. Not only will there be land available and water, there will also be a like minded community of people pursuing the same purpose.

I am that impressed with what Shane is doing and his farming knowledge that I decided that it was worth dedicating a page on this little blog for any visitors to find our more about it. I also decided that seeing as I hadn’t posted here for a while, that it was about time to start writing and get something here. I have a number of posts written that I just haven’t got around to finishing off. Seeing as I am trying to implememt in my life a few sayings that have impressed me this is getting posted tonight. The saying I am trying to live up to is….  If not now, when?

Seeing as there are no piccies to take your interest at the moment, I will give you a few links that will take you to Shane’s website and youtube channel. Oh! did I tell you that Shane is also a Biodynamic devotee and teacher. In fact he is also holding a Biodynamic workshop on the farm this weekend as a fund raising activity for getting his farm transferred into a Community Title. See the links below.


Bit.ly link for YouTube channel Kilkivan Community Farmer

http://bit.ly/KCFchannel             To help Shane make this happen subscribe to his youtube channel and like the video.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/Kilkivan Community Farmer?sub_confirmation=1

The only way people see these blogs and opportunities is because the blog appears on the front page when you do a search on Google or Bing or it was recommended to you by a friend or maybe you saw it on Facebook or anywhere. The biggest help though is from recommendation. If you think that this is interesting – you know, that there is someone out there willing to dedicate their time and effort and forgo profit to help others find a way to become a farmer or have a farm change, then pass it on. Put the links in emails, add them to your facebook channel or whatever you do when you see something that you think is worthwhile.

That’s it for the moment. I will come back to this page and update it from time to time. Mainly text but piccies and vids to follow. If not now, when?

Video Below

Below is a video with Shane Joyce talking about Kilkivan Farm and his vision to create a community land trust so that the farm is there in perpetuity for farmers to learn, young farmers to experiment and benefit from the knowledge available in a community. Shane has a red nose on when he was talking about Rudolf…… Steiner that is, not the red-nose reindeer.