Seeds Planted For Winter

I was going to write a few notes about what I have planted recently and what seeds I have going to plant as seedlings when it occurred to me that I should write it on this blog. Not that anyone sees it, but as a record for me to know when I planted, what I planted and where.

Seedlings First

I have some really good seedling mix. It is made up of horse manure, sawdust and worm castings. The worm castings have been there for over 12 months and are really broken down.

I eat ice cream a lot and have saved all the 2 litre containers. I put a couple of holes in the bottom and filled them with the seedling mix, placed seeds in them and then covered them with more mix. I then watered them with a watering can and waited to see what would happen.

Choy Sum – seeds planted Sunday 24 May 2014

The first seeds planted were Choy Sum, both red and green. There were two containers planted about a week ago. The seedlings have sprouted and are presenting themselves to the elements. They look quite good.

Chillis – seeds planted Thursday 29 May 2014

I make a chilli/garlic spray to try and control the grasshoppers and cabbage moths. I was out of chillis, so planted some chilli seeds to have a supply available. I already have the perfect place to plant them.

Pak Choy – seeds planted Friday 30 May 2014

I purchased some seedlings on Friday and after planting them, decided to use the containers for raising some Pak Choy seedlings.

Broccoli – seeds planted Saturday 31 May 2014

Two containers of broccoli seeds were planted today.

Direct planting of seeds

I planted some Spinach direct into the garden today as well. Three days ago on Thursday I planted some Broad Beans direct.

A couple of weeks ago I planted Snow Peas and Spinach. Both of these are planted in the shady area. The fence on the northern side of the yard is a 6 foot paling fence that shades the first garden bed in the winter.

Transplants – planted Thursday 29 May 2014

I purchased 2 punnets of Bok Choy, 1 punnet Broccoli and 1 punnet Cauliflower. These are planted in the second bed that I have covered with weed gunnel. This is a black woven product that stops weed growth and also breaks down over time. I was intending to create a cloche like tent covering to help control the pests, but I will see how it goes first with pest control using the chilli/garlic spray.

I also bought a new sprayer today because the cheap $10 one I had split at the base.

Other Plantings

The other plantings are garlic, onions and white radish. The first planting of garlic was about 6 weeks ago, around mid April. These were cloves from my previous year. The second planting was two weeks ago. I purchased some garlic in Woolies and poked them into the garden bed. They were up in two or three days. I also put in some more ginger, but no sign of it coming through yet.