New Composting Technique

New Composting Technique

So far I have tried a couple of different composting ideas. They all involve an amount of work. Seeing that I am a lazy gardener, the less work I have to do and the more time I get to daydream and just enjoy the weather, the more I like it. That doesn’t mean that I dislike the routine of composting or the turning of the pile as the exercise is good for me. But, if I can make it simpler and easier then so be it.

At present I have a mowing contractor who drops off grass clippings and throws them onto a pile down the back. From time to time I turn them and throw some into the worm farms and at one stage I built a compost enclosure that he filled up.

It has been pretty dry over the last 12 months and the compost has not been getting very wet, so it has been slow in heating up and breaking down. This is where my new composting technique idea came in.

Using garden walkways is my new composting technique

Garden walk ways

The garden walkways are now composting beds

I was pulling out last years crop and turning over some of the dirt in the walkways through the garden. It dawned on me that this could be a useful way to compost and also attract worms into the garden. I dug a trench about 45 cm (18″) deep and 60 cm (2ft) wide turning the dirt onto the garden beds each side. This served a dual purpose. It gave me a trench to put partly composted material into and built up the height of my garden beds.

Next time when I dig the garden over and get ready to replant, I will redig my walkway trench and throw all the compost that will be broken down by the worms up onto the garden bed. I will then refill the trench with partly composted clippings and assorted green waste.

The other thing I did after digging the trench was to place a layer of thick cardboard in the trench before filling it with compost. I noticed that the worms love the cardboard in the worm farm and thought it should help attract them into the garden.