Garlic Time Coming Up

depending on where you live, you should start planning for planting garlic from the March equinox through to July. The warmer the climate the sooner

Growing Garlic –

Last year I planted some garlic but I didn’t get a very good yield. They grew ok but the (more…)

Tree Roots and Wicking Beds

Tree Roots and Wicking Beds

Grevillea Robusta or Silky Oak has very vigorous tree roots

One of the many trees with a vigorous root system surrounding my garden.

Tree roots can annoy me. Especially in a suburban environment when you have some 30 metre gum trees, large mango trees and enormous Silky Oaks within 10 to 30 metres of your gardens and compost piles.

Every time you work with the soil you find pesky tree roots taking advantage of all the soil improvement being done. Not that you can blame the trees for taking advantage of the available nutrients, but it dampens my gardening enthusiasm.

I can’t tell you all the trees surrounding me, but I have highlighted the ones in red that I recognize. (more…)

Get Rid of Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers love sweet potatoes. They can hide in there and also feed on the leaves. You know you have a problem when your leaves are full of holes and when you disturb what leaves are left grasshoppers jump everywhere. (more…)