Food Future

From sitting back and looking at the state of things in the world, I am coming to the opinion that the future of food is going to be tied up in the hands of corporations. And if you look back on the history of corporations, you find that they have no soul or heart. Their only reason for existence is profit.

At the same time we find that politics is for the wealthy. No matter which side of politics, if you don’t have wealth and contacts, you are not going to get onto the first rung, which is being elected. It also appears that lobbying and political connections are the way for corporations to prevent smaller players from entering the realm they are trying to control. That realm is food.

Fortunately, because there is a minority of humans that are usually contrarian by nature, they always go opposite to the general consensus. Wherever the majority follow the leader, these contrarians do their utmost to do the opposite. Usually until the mainstream thinking changes direction and agrees with the contrarian point of view.

A perfect example of a contrarian is this Australian Story, Hope Springs

Hopefully, the contrarians can keep our future food safe, being produced locally and free from too much corporation involvement. Though the future is looking bleak with land disappearing from private ownership into corporation ownership. And these days we are seeing that countries are acting like corportations and acquiring land overseas to ensure their future food sources.

What is it about corporations and governments that seems to make them lose their heart and soul?

The Bright Side of Our Food Future.

All of us have been to farmers markets. Some of us have been involved with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) For those that haven’t it is usually a small farmer who invites members of the community to visit the farm, see the type of produce they grow and subscribe to a delivery service of mixed fruit and vegetables. The consumer gets to interact personally with the grower of the food. In many cases they can be involved with the growing if they wish.

The benefits for the grower is that they get a better price that through the wholesale markets and it helps them plant their growing season knowing that the produce is pre-sold.

For the consumer, they know where their food comes from and how the farmer grows it. They also can see the way the farmer treats the land, whether he or she has an affinity with the land, is aware of the benefits of not using chemicals, grows organically or conventionally.

Is this leading somewhere? you may ask.

At the moment this is just my thoughts being put on the screen. It helps me clarify my thinking and question it. Also in the back of my mind is the question …   If not now, when?  Meaning if we all sit on our arse and just watch what is happening the outcome will be worse than we can imagine. So this is a contribution to making people more aware and to start thinking about life and their future being guided by corporations. How long can you live without food? What about water? Corporations and countries are already investing in controlling the water supplies throughout the world. Other corporations are completely ignoring it and willfully polluting it.

Adani and Their Unlimited Water Extraction License

If you are in Australia, you will have heard about the Adani coal mine in Central Queensland and the opposition to its construction. What you may not have heard is the approval they have for unlimited extraction of water from our greatest resource, the Great Artesian Basin. In my opinion, that approval is worth more than the whole development of their coal mine and whatever resources they pillage and use in polluting the atmosphere. Time will tell on that prognostication.

There are interesting things happening apart from the doom and gloom of thinking about the future of corporations and our food supply. Enough with the negative crap. Here’s a snippet of positive.

I started a page that will give you information and updates about a good news project a community of people are working on. It is called Kilkivan Community Farm. In a nutshell, the project is about protecting prime agricultural land for our future farmers and keeping it affordable. Shane Joyce kicked this off and is gathering a team of like minded individuals to help him make it happen. You can help too, without even contributing money, by visiting the youtube channel for Kilkivan Community Farm and subscribing and liking a video. Those actions help the youtube channel gain traction and the videos being presented more on searches.