Benefits of Calcium Part 3


In this benefits of calcium pt 3 there is an explanation of a soil colloid and what it does, which is something I have always had trouble trying to understand.

Below is one of the best and more easily understood explanations of what a soil colloid does to effect the exchange of minerals from the soil to the plant. And how adding crushed limestone improves all soils with low (more…)

Calcium Part 2

I have been doing some reading on the net about Calcium. Always an enjoyable past-time for me as it leads me all over the place. As I read an article, I see a reference, look it up and find something else of interest to sidetrack me.

At the moment I am reading a pdf written by┬áV.A. TIEDJENS. It is about his purchase of a farm when he retired. The farm he purchased was in an area of poor soils and his in particular was known throughout the community as “worn out” (more…)