Science Fiction

My Idea Of The Perfect Job

I am an avid reader of science fiction. Anything from Aasimove to Vinge will get my attention and keep me entertained for hours. All I need is a good sf read and a garden to work in while contemplating the author’s ideas.

At the moment I am reading David Brin’s “Existence” and seeing his ideas of what Google glasses will be like in years to come. His re-arrangement of the English language is a delight.

Early on in the book we a getting to know a celebrity news broadcaster named Tor who is walking through Sandego before boarding a flight to Washington. She has her VR spectacles on but the translation earpiece dangling.

Brin uses words like enterview (a combination of entertainment and interview) celebrighties and enovators.

Tor can access views through her VR glasses from the myriad of cameras that are placed throughout the city by anyone who wants to add a feed that can be accessed.

“Tor couldn’t help doing a quick self-checkout, murmuring, “tsootsu.” Sub-vocal sensors in her collar translated-To See Ourselves as Others See Us– and the inner surface of her specs lit with glimpse-views of her, from several angles, crowding the periphery of her percept, without blocking the center view. Tor needed to walk safely.

One image – from a ¬†pennycamera someone stuck high on a lamppost – looked down at a leggy brunette walking by, her long dark hair streaked with tendrils of ever-changing colour: the active-strand detectors and aiware that Tor could deploy if something newsworthy happened.”

aiware – artificial intelligence ware, really smart software.

David Brin opens up a new world of words and ideas. But he is not the only one. Peter Hamilton writes about datavises, implants that put a HUD (heads up display) in your vision of anything that you need to see from the price of an interplanetary trip to the range of beers in the local pub.

How about this passage, again from “Existence” –

“A ripple of e-lerts flowed just ahead of Tor – like fluttering glow-moths -”

And you thought you were bombarded with advertising now. You aint seen nothing yet.

So to maintain your sanity, go and dig in the garden and ponder what the future has to bring. Got to admit, it’s exciting.

Potatoes Update

Lime around potatoes planted 1 month ago exactly

5 July 2014 Dolomite Lime around potatoes planted 5 June 2014


These were planted a month ago and I have just started to add compost to hill them up. The white stuff (more…)

Raised Garden Beds in South East Queensland

Raised Garden Beds in South East Queensland

Raised garden beds save your garden in heavy rain

Raised beds would help when it rains heavily.

There are good reasons to have raised garden beds.

  • keeping your plants from being flooded(see picture)
  • not having to dig through tough soil or clay and work it into a friable soil
  • attracting earth worms to do the hard tilling for you

However there are some things you have to overcome and look out for or you will find a big hole in your wallet and plants that aren’t thriving. (more…)