Do It Now

Do It Now

It’s been a while since I wrote something on this blog and it is taking some time to get used to the changes with WordPress and Divi, so it will take me longer than I thought.

Something happened today that inspired me to write a new post. Well, it was a number of things. I forgot to turn the watering off last night, so 6 hours later when I remembered, the backyard was pretty wet. Yeah, yeah, I know, I was supposed to set the alarm on the phone to remind me, but I didn’t have the phone with me. By the time I got inside, I had forgotten about setting the alarm.

That was yesterday. Today, my lady had a form to fill in and asked me to print it out. The printer threw in the towel a year ago and I promised myself I wasn’t going to buy another one. I reasoned that I couldn’t save the world personally, but I could help a little bit by not printing to paper and being an office paper-less person.

The reply to printer not working was “Buy a new one”. Now I had a dilemma, look after my lady with as much effort as she does for me or do it another way. So I accessed her email, looked at the form (a pdf with no ability to edit), and then searched for a PDF to word app. There were many to chose from. In fact, thinking now, I believe I could have uploaded to google docs and they can convert.

I converted the form and then added the info and a little message at the bottom.

Save the planet – become a paperless workplace

So, I am not going to save the planet, but someone might read this and think of a way to help or actually nut out a solution.

Talking about saving the planet. here’s a guy that is doing his best to make us more aware of what is happening in Australia to harm the planet.

Go past the intro and see how our politicians treat our water as a commodity

Well, I did it now. I got the form filled in for the course my lady(an RN) wanted to do, titled Acute Rhythms, Respiratory & Renal. Probably a good course to take with Covid about. I also sent it to the course provider. Plus I wrote this blog post. And it is only midday. I am going to do this more often. Do it Now.

cheers farmer

PS. You know, I didn’t want to go through finding an app and converting the pdf, but I had to think of how I would feel when I actually had finished. Now that I have finished, I feel like James Brown.

Knew that I would now