They Have NO Ethics

I’m not talking about politicians, I’m talking about food manufacturers. They use marketing to entice you to buy their products and try to find waste products from manufacturing and chemical production to replace natural products in their manufacturing process to increase their bottom line.

Sounds like a conspiracy theory doesn’t it. No I am no a nutter but I have seen a number of things that big business has touted as good for you when it is clearly not.

How about cigarettes?

What about margarine and partial hydrogenation that creates trans fats?

What about stevia?

What about alcohol?

And what about food colouring, stabilizers and preservatives in food?

They won’t even label their stuff so that you know which country it was grown in or whether it is from a GM’d crop.

Solve the problem

So what is the solution? Get a hobby and grow some vegetables. You can grow them cheaper than you can buy them and if you learn a few tips and ideas, you don’t have to leave your wallet at the nursery. You can fertilize vegetables very easily with compost and worm castings. There are simple and effective organic and home remedies for plant pests and disease.

At the same time as learning how to grow vegetables you will contribute to your own health improvement and that of your family. Your fitness level will improve too, as you will be getting good exercise.