I have been doing some reading on the net about Calcium. Always an enjoyable past-time for me as it leads me all over the place. As I read an article, I see a reference, look it up and find something else of interest to sidetrack me.

At the moment I am reading a pdf written by┬áV.A. TIEDJENS. It is about his purchase of a farm when he retired. The farm he purchased was in an area of poor soils and his in particular was known throughout the community as “worn out” and unable to grow much at all. It’s a great read.

He bought the farm to prove his theories and show that he could rejuvenate any farming land and that there was no such thing as a “worn out” soil.


You can click on the link and go to the pdf

While I was reading, at around page 76, it occurred to me that I should be doing as well as enjoying the read. I’ve got a couple of bags of lime in the shed, and it has finally been raining consistently here in Brisbane and there is no wind. Perfect ingredients for putting some lime on the garden.

From all the reading and practical experience I have had with growing crops, adding lime can only be a benefit and you cannot overlime. Albrecht and Tiedjens confirm what I have learnt. So enough dribble, I’m off to spread some lime.