Mr Fothergill's Seeds

Front of the seed packet received from Mr Fothergill’s Seeds

You may recall that I was trying to grow some Stevia from seed. See this post on Stevia. I was using a seed propagating cup from Mr. Fothergill’s Seeds that they had marketed for children as the Lolly Plant.

I followed all the directions and made sure that I didn’t over water but no sign of seed germination. After about a month I sent an email to the seed company.

Hi, I purchased a couple of the lolly plant growing kits and have had no luck getting the seeds to sprout or grow. They were planted on April 29. I write a bit of a blog and what I did is noted here. I haven’t overwatered. The temperature is still quite warm here so I was wondering if you could give me a few tips and maybe send some more seed so that I can have another crack at it. cheers

Prompt reply from Mr Fothergill’s Seeds

We are sorry to hear about your recent disappointment with our Stevia (lolly plant seeds); given you seem to have done everything correctly, its difficult to know exactly what may have gone wrong.

We will arrange to send you some fresh seed to try again.



Sowing instructions on the back of the packet from Mr Fothergill's Seeds

The back of the packet shows that the seeds should be sown in Spring and Summer Brisbane

I received the seeds about a week ago and I noted on the back of the packet the recommended sowing time in the blue area is Spring and Summer. It may have been too cool or the wrong amount of light in Brisbane to make the seed germinate. There are 20 seeds in the packet. I will have another go at germination after the Winter Equinox on the 22nd of June and if that fails, will wait for Spring to try again.

I was quite impressed with the response and interest shown by Mr Fothergills Seed’s.